JavaScript jQuery.onFontResize event

The jQuery.onFontResize plugin adds the `fontresize` event to the `document`. Customized handler can be bound to it.

// Example:

jQuery(document).bind(’fontresize’, function() {

This may be useful when positioned elements should be adjusted if user selects bigger/smaller font, when elements are aligned to the same heights etc.

See “plugin source code”:[/files/jquery.onfontresize/jquery.onfontresize.js] or “the example”:[/files/jquery.onfontresize/] and its source code for more details.

**Download:** “version 1.0″:[/files/jquery.onfontresize/jquery.onfontresize.js] (02/01/2009)

Published on February 2, 2009 by Petr Staníček • Category: JavaScript

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