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About this web site

The Purpose

WellStyled.com web site is intended to be a resource of useful CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), (X)HTML, Javascript and related techniques and tricks for webdesigners. It's based on several articles published since year 2002 on the author's own web. These articles has been transfered to WellStyled.com, rewritten and extended. New articles are also written and added periodically (although unevenly).

Bilingual Content

All content of this web is bilingual: English and Czech. Author's native language is Czech and he's just autodidact in English. Please excuse all mistakes and blunders you surely can find on this site. The author is doing his best.

The idea of bilingual web pages comes from Peter-Paul Koch, although the solutions are not the same. Many thanks for the inspiration.

If your browser supports the javascript language switching, you can see content displayed in one language and the preview of second version is displayed in the side column. You can click the preview to switch between languages. You have to enable cookies in your browser to keep language selection for next page or next visit. If your browser doesn't support the language switching, you can see the parts of both language versions bellow each other. In this case, you can also choose one of the single-lingual versions linked in the top of each page.

The author

The author and owner of this web site is Petr Stanicek (aka Pixy). He lives in Czechia, Europe. More details about him and his work can be found on the homepage www.pixy.cz.


RSS exports of newest articles are available: english RSS and czech RSS.