Utilities New Color Scheme Designer!

The Color Scheme Designer application is available in brand new version and also has been moved to its own domain: http://ColorSchemeDesigner.com.

Published on 5 února, 2009 by pixy • Category: Utilities

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3 komentáře to “New Color Scheme Designer!”

[1] by tcertain on 25. 3. 2009, 13:33

I love your color schemer. Have a problem with one of your color numbers. #330000 shows a red color – should be a dark green.

[2] by Petr Staníček on 25. 3. 2009, 15:07

Thank you. I'm affraid you must be wrong, because in RGB, the code #330000 means 0×33 of red (20%) and 0×00 of both blue and green (none). The dark red is the correct color. Dark green is i.e. #003300.

[3] by RandyHJ on 2. 2. 2010, 12:32

Hi Petr,

Did you have some articles on your old site on how to properly use the Color Scheme Designer?

I work in website development, but I am not intuitive when it comes to color palettes. I love your Designer, but I want to make sure I am using it correctly.


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